Carsten Maschmeyer

Managing Partner

Carsten Maschmeyer is a successful entrepreneur, consultant, key note speaker at startup events, financial investor and television investor juror.

Under the strategic umbrella of the Maschmeyer Group, he bundles his investment and advisory activities. The investments of his private assets range from early stage financing to investments in listed companies.

The focus of his work is the management of the investments made within the framework of ALSTIN CAPITAL. He devotes himself to being an investor, strategic sparring partner and mentor with the bulk of his working time.

Carsten Maschmeyer invented the independent financial advice. Under his leadership, AWD, which he founded in 1988, expanded into eleven countries and became Europe’s largest independent financial services firm with 6,600 consultants and employees.

In 2000, he successfully launched his company on the stock market and into the M-DAX.

In 2007, Carsten Maschmeyer sold its stake in Switzerland’s largest life insurer Swiss Life. Carsten Maschmeyer started his impressive career in sales. During his medical studies, he also worked in the sales department of a wealth management consultancy and gained his first entrepreneurial and sales experience. Due to his impressive sales successes he devoted himself completely from 1982 to the financial advice.